Our Team

A Universal Team

We currently exclusively use the Canadian Horse breed, also known as Le Cheval Canadien.

Bo and Luke

Bo and Luke (aka) “The Good Old Boys” came to us from Chapeau, Quebec just north of Pembroke Ontario. They were being used for pulling logs out of woodlots.


Brie came to us from Eganville, Ottawa. Before joining our team, she was used for pulling logs out of woodlots.


Ubac is one of the friendliest horses you’ll ever meet. This beautiful Canadian came to us from Drummondville, Quebec and is looking forward to greeting your family and friends on your special occasion. 


Power came to us with Terra from Owen Sound. Before joining our team he was used for pleasure work.


Terra, like Power, comes from Owen Sound. She too was used for pleasure work before joining the team at A Universal Carriage.

A Universal Alumni

Thunder & Dakota

Susie and Sandy

Duke and Duchess