About Us

Most people are surprised to learn that our horse team drawn carriages are not a novelty. Our Foot Person service is professional and second to none. Our team and carriage are road veterans and will be the most unique form of travel you will ever experience. While most people approach us to have horses as part of their wedding, for us the horse and carriage is secondary and our service is primary.

For your safety, your Driver and Foot person are all experienced horse people, and their primary focus is pampering the bride and bridal party. Let us put you at ease on your busy day, roll out the red carpet, look after your train, and serve you some water before the service and champagne after. We’ll present our complimentary flowers to your new Mother-in-laws on your behalf, work with your photographer to ensure the carriage backdrop fits all of his/her shots, and did we mention pamper the bride? Of course we did, but she’s always worth mentioning again.

Our perfect day involves delivering the Bride and Dad, or Bridesmaids to the church (always on time), whisking the newly-weds away to photos, being involved in photos, and then off to your reception.

We offer both three and four hour packages, your time commencing at your first pick-up location.

Our base prices cover the area from Guelph to Chatham to Clinton. Due to those oil barrens, we require a little extra to service from Scarborough to Windsor.

Our base price offers one re-load and transportation to a new location should be prohibited based on your team’s speed and distance.

Cell/Text: 519-671-8282

Email: millarnicol@rocketmail.com

6387 Switzer Drive, Melbourne, Ontario

N0L 1T0